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About Us

Who we are: The Japan-America Society is a private, non-profit and non-political organization consisting of individual and corporate members. Originally founded in 1917 as a Japanese organization, Japan-American Societies in the US started collective activity and sporadic meetings during 1960s. The mission of the Society is to promote understanding and enlightened relations between the United States and Japan. Japan-America Society of North Carolina (“JASNC”) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that promotes goodwill, understanding and exchange between Japan and North Carolina.

JAS Chapter:  As the 36th and newest member of the National Association of Japan-America Societies ("NAJAS"), the JASNC enjoys the benefits, support and resources of over a century long history of established Japan-America Societies across the country with repeatedly proven business models and track records of success.  We are pleased and honored to be able to bring this experience and network to North Carolina.  To learn about NAJAS and other Japan-America Societies, please click here for more information of NAJAS.

Plan of Action:  JASNC shall accomplish its mission by implementing, by itself or through collaborations with others, a series of programs, events, cultural, educational, policy and other initiatives that reach out to and actively engage our communities, increase interaction among Japanese and North Carolinians, and provide useful information and resources to the public regarding NC-Japan organizations, relations and exchange.​

Board: JASNC is led by an experienced Board of Directors with extensive ties and interests to Japan and North Carolina and a strong commitment to volunteerism and helping JASNC achieve its mission of promoting goodwill, understanding and exchange between the people of Japan and North Carolina. 

  • Jonathan Brewster - Director

  • Eileen Cai - Director

  • David Chetwynd - Director

  • Steven Cooper - Treasurer

  • Hiroyuki Hino - Director

  • Chiyoko Lord - Director

  • Akira Negi - Director

  • Tim Newlin - Chairman

  • David S. Robinson - Secretary

  • Tracy Tsuetaki - Emeritus Chair

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