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2019 JASNC Annual Dinner Meeting Silent Auction

Payment for 2019 Silent Auction

If you don't attend the Annual Dinner, you can still participate in the silent auction via Contact Us or 919-278-7857. Please contact us including item number and your bid for the item you choose. Payment of all auction items will be due at the close of the Annual Dinner meeting on December 8.

Details of Items:

Item 1 - One round trip air ticket (Premium Economy Class) from RDU to Japan 

Item 2 - Kadomatsu (角松)made by Emiko Suzuki, Senior Professor, Ikenobo School 

Item 3 - A $200 gift card towards use at the Washinton Duke Inn and Golf Club in Durham, NC.  The gift card

            can be applied to dining at Fairview Dining Room or other dining facilities on the property.  It can also

            be used towards a future stay at the hotel or at their golf club. No expiration date. 

Item 4 -  NC State Men's Basketball Tickets

Item 5 - Two Tea Bowls

Item 6 - A maple wooden bowl

Item 7 - Five small sake cups and Kikumasamune taruzaki junnmai

Item 8 - Two tickets of UNC basketball game, UNC Chapel Hill vs. Wake Forest on 3/3/20 at 7 pm

Item 9 - Three sets of Gift cards ($100 x 3) from Waraji Japanese Restaurant 

Item 10 - 

Item 11 -

Item 12 -

Item 13 -

Item 14 -

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