We've featured below a list of useful links for elf-study during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that English links are featured first and Japanese links are listed second. 

Japanese Study


1.) Genki Self-Study Room:

2.) WaniKani:

3.) Team Japanese:

4.) Crunchy Nihongo Stories:

  • This site has a lot of materials ranging from beginning to advanced. It has some traditional and non-traditional stories and is for reading and listening. In the past, some students have asked for short story books to read, and this is a good site if you don't have physical books:

5.) "Nihongo no Mori" (Video Series):

6.) Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai: Various FREE Online Tools!

  • Japanese in Anime & Manga: Website which has a great learning platform for Japanese language study through showing expressions, etc., through anime and manga!


7.) JLPT Official Practice Workbooks: For those of you who want to stay current on your JLPT (Japanese-Language Placement Test) preparation, the Japan Foundation has set up a page where you can view their official practice workbooks:


1.) Zazen Meditation at Home:

2.) Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) 


1.) NHK Web Easy News Articles:

2.) "Folktale Room" (民話の部屋):


KADOKAWA 児童書ポータルサイト ヨメルバ: 児童文庫「角川つばさ文庫」から185冊、そして「角川まんが学習シリーズ」から22冊の合計207冊を「ヨメルバ」で公開

学研2020年 春の応援ライブラリー

学研家庭学習応援サイト: 臨時休校中に家庭で学習できる教材を無料でご提供

探求学舎: 配信授業(例:『偉人編スティーブジョブズ』)

ホリプロ よみきかせ昔話2020: 順次公開; 期間限定(終了時期は不明)

ARぬりえ: 全27種のぬり絵用紙をダウンロードしてプリントアウトし、好きな色を塗ってスマホで読み取ると3Dアニ




ベネッセ 「春の総復習ドリル」: 無償提供:登録不要










文部科学省子どもの学び応援サイト: 臨時休業期間における学習支援コンテンツポータルサイト




漫画 宇宙兄弟: 50話まで無料配信中



Gold & Silver Level Corporate Members of JASNC: 

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