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Gallery - 2018

2018 Annual Dinner Meeting on December 7, 2018

JASNC December 2018-6366.JPG

Chef Masa, Masatoshi Tsujimura, the 2018 winner of Japan-America Community Service Award 

JASNC December 2018-6356.JPG

Ms. Yoshimi Aoyagi, a winner of the 2018 Teacher Award from the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) was given a gift by Counsel General Shinozuka, Atolanta, GA.

JASNC December 2018-6178.JPG

Chef Masa and Mr. Tim Newlin, Chairman of JASNC

JASNC December 2018-6349.JPG

Mrs. Naomi and Mr. Masatoshi Tsujimura

JASNC December 2018-6153.JPG

Mr. David Robinson, the Honorary Consul General of Japan in NC,

JASNC December 2018-6135.JPG

Counsel General Shinozuka

JASNC December 2018-6238.JPG

Mr. Jonathan Brewster, Director of the NC Japan Center

JASNC December 2018-6262.JPG

Ms. Kanako Ford, an superb Shamisen and Koto Performer

JASNC December 2018-6235.JPG

Ms. Emiko Suzuki, Director, JASNC

JASNC December 2018-6196.JPG

Ms. S. Guterbock, Sake Sommelier, Johnson Brothers-Mutual Distributing 

JASNC December 2018-6352.JPG
JASNC December 2018-6371.JPG

Mr. N. Inoue, President - Triangle Japanese Business Association, Mr. T. Newlin, Chairman - JASNC, CG Shinozuka, Mr. J. Brewster, Director - NC Japan Center, Mr. R. Iwashima, Chairman - Nippon Club of the Triangle. 

JASNC December 2018-6335.JPG
JASNC December 2018-6330.JPG

Attendees at the Japan-America Community Service award ceremony


Mr.K. Nomura, Principal - Japanese Language School & his wife  Yoko

JASNC December 2018-6340.JPG
JASNC December 2018-6327.JPG

Sake Tasting in Raleigh on September 11, 2018


Ms. S. Guterbock, Sake Sommelier introducing one of 5 sake provided at the tasting  


Ms. S. Buterbock, Chef Masa - owner of Waraji and our attendant


Mrs. D. Newlin, Mr. T. Newlin - JASNC Chair and Ms. S. Guterbock


More than 30 attendants for this sake tasting


Ms. S. Buterbock's fantastic lecture about sake


Our attendants enjoying Sake and specially matched food by Chef Masa


Business Retention: State and Local Support for your NC Business in Charlotte on September 6, 2018


Ms. Marie-Claire Ribell, Executive director-FACC, Ms. G. Carson-Enonomic Development, Mr. T. Newlin-JASNC, AND Dr. H. Bruns-GACC, 


Mr. S. Cooper, Hosting Sponsor, Rodl & Partner


Ms. G. Carson, Office of Economic Development Presentation of Business Retention


Mr. D. Terrell, Presenting Sponsor, Daussault Systems


Ms. G. Carson, Office of Economic Development


2016 Annual JASNC Dinner Meeting in Charlotte on May 3, 2018

Mr. Atsukukni Waragai, President, Hnda Aero

Mr. Tohru Sasaki, Managing Director & Head of Japan Markets Research, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Tokyo Japan

Audience during Networking Hours

Mr. Peter Kelly, NAJAS

Ms.Yui Sugawara, Winner of Speech Contest at the Charlotte Japanese School

J. J. Waddle Language Academy Taiko Club, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Korey Howard, Senior Manager, International Business Development, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Our Presenters, Mr. A Waragai, Mr. T. Sasaki, Mr. K. Howard, and Mr. R. Zollinger

Mr. Richard Zollinger, Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development at CPCC, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Takashi. Shinozuka, Consul of General of Japan in Atlanta and Honorary Chairman

Mr. Timothy Newlin, Chairman of JASNC, with an attendee

Attendees during the presentation

Ms. Yoko Fukuda, JAL

Ms. Mary Vickers-Koch, Co-Presenter with Mr. R. Zollinger, CPCC

Audience at the reception

Audience during the presentation

Mr. Chris Paynter, Co-Presenter with Mr. R. Zollinger, CPCC

Ms. Akari Ichihara, Winner of Speech Contest at the Charlotte Japanese School

Ms. Mihoko Fujita, Koto Performer

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