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Japanese Home Cooking

Hiyashi Chuka
with Poached Chicken, and Egg Drop Soup


Join us for a fun and educational cooking class!
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Sunday, July 21, 2024
6pm EDT

Cost: $10 JAS Members/$15 Non-Members
Members use code: "ncarolina"
Kid-friendly activity.

It’s Hot! Let’s make Deluxe Hiyashi Chuka, a yummy cold ramen noodle salad, and cool down with this homey Japanese dish, a staple during the muggy summers in Japan.  Ramen noodles sit in a sweet and vinegary dressing with a kaleidoscope of healthy toppings.  Along with the vegetables, we will be making a delicious ginger poached chicken to shred for added protein and turn the poaching liquid (mottainai – don’t be wasteful) into a delicious kakitama-jiru – egg drop soup.  

Feel free to have as many or few toppings as you like it! Be creative!

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Class will be taught by Debra Samuels from Table for Two. Debra leads the program content and curriculum development of TABLE FOR TWO USA’s Japanese inspired food education program, “Wa- Shokuiku: Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!”

She was a food writer and contributor to the Food Section of The Boston Globe and has authored two cookbooks: “My Japanese Table,” and “The Korean Table.” She curated the exhibit, “Obento and Built Space: Japanese Boxed Lunch and Architecture,” at the Boston Architectural College (2015) and co-curated “Objects of Use and Beauty: Design and Craft in Japanese Culinary Tools,” at the Fuller Craft Museum (2018). Debra also worked as a program coordinator and an exhibition developer at the Japanese department of the Boston Children's Museum (1992-2000).

Debra lived in Japan, all together, for 12 years and specializes in Japanese cuisine. She travels around the country and abroad teaching hands on workshops on obento, the Japanese lunchbox. During Covid 19 she was teaching live online cooking programs to youth and adults.

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