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JASNC members come from all walks of life.  But they share two common goals:  A passion or deep appreciation for Japan and North Carolina, and a desire to reach out to and share that passion and appreciation with others.


We offer a variety of membership packages that serve businesses, individuals, families, employers, employees, couples, singles, students, institutions and other non-profit groups.

We also have a membership agreement with The Japan America Association of South Carolina, meaning that if you are a member of JASNC, you get the perks of being a member of JAASC, and vice-versa, including membership event discounts!

Corporate Membership:

Our Corporate Members provide the foundation and support structure for JASNC.  With their financial support and commitment to corporate social responsibility, our Corporate Members help make better communities for their customers, employees and their families.  For more information about our Corporate Memberships, please click here.


Individual/Family Membership:

​JASNC offers value-packed memberships to families and individuals in North Carolina who are interested in sharing business, educational, cultural, artistic, social and personal goodwill, friendship, experiences and interaction between Japanese and North Carolinians.  Our programs and events provide support, information, resources and opportunities that help our individual members build deeper lasting professional and personal relationships that improve their enjoyment and quality of life in North Carolina. For more information about our Individual/Family Membership, please click here.


Patron Membership - 

In addition to Individual/Family Membership benefits, Patron Membership comes with additional benefits.  For more information about Patron Membership, please click here. 

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