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Pecarious Japan: Lonely Death and Abandoned Family Graves


This event was held on February 24, 2022.  If you miss the event and are interested in watching the recorded version, please click here.

At this time the  registration form is closed. 

Burial in the patrilineal family grave and attending the dead by living kin, which have long since been customary in Japan, are under duress due to Japan's declining population and economy. Dr. Allison argues that new ritual upkeep and grave attendance are emerging and these new forms of burial upkeep are challenging long-held traditions. They question who bears the responsibility of grave upkeep, what form, and what kind of relationships are needed to tend to the dead. How do the Japanese deal with

their changing society and adapt to keep their traditions?

The speaker has authored a number of books on contemporary social phenomena in Japan that have larger ramifications for the country and beyond.

Host: Japan America Society of North Carolina

Co-Sponsors: Asia/Pacific Studies Institution, Duke University

                   Carolina Asia Center, UNC, Chapel Hill NC

                   Japan Center, NC State University

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